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Day Trips
Arcana Gallery at Alchemy Bottle Shop
November 9, 2019 | February 8, 2019
Opening Reception: November 9, 2019
5-7pm, 21+

Day Trips showcases moments of calm in dramatic conditions. A grounded perspective can make being whisked away on the back of a giant bird feel beautiful rather than just threatening. The characters in these paintings and illustrations actively exert agency while also patiently observing.

Sanaa Khan is a Bay Area native who paints, draws, and makes prints. She appreciates rendering a serious shadow as much as she does giggling at a dumb meme. She studied printmaking and carries on her appreciation for its many process-heavy forms by running a community print shop in Berkeley (Max’s Garage Press). She also runs a small press (Tiny Splendor) which publishes zines, books, and print editions by artists locally around the world, combining her love of illustration with a desire to sustain a creative process in an accessible form and connect with like-minded artists.

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