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Arcana Gallery at Alchemy Bottle Shop

July 13, 2019 | November 2, 2019

Opening Reception: July 13, 2019

5-7pm, 21+

Molly is a painter, printmaker, and illustrator born in California. Her art explores the relationship between the physical and digital world through the visual study of abandoned places and outdated technology--old TVs, signs, strange towers, recycling centers, and cluttered storefronts populate her paintings.


These paintings are full of seemingly random bits of information, details that can be read as meaningful, like reflections in glass diffracting into discrete colors and shapes, or blades of grass jumping out at you. Small, surreal or cartoonish elements hidden throughout balance the sense of anxiety caused by an overwhelming amount of information. Cute characters, jumbles of shapes, or alien looking text add humor and a reminder of human creativity.


Molly has shown work in San Francisco, California and Osaka, Japan. This fall, she will begin her Masters of Fine Arts at Cal State Long Beach to pursue her passions of art and education.

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